Land Boundary Surveys – These surveys retrace and define the bounds of a parcel which are usually described by a deed in possession of the owner and have legal language describing the location and general size of the parcel. Many times, these surveys require the retracement of adjoining parcels to find controlling corners, or evidence which can aid the surveyor in his or her investigation.

Municipal / Rural Subdivision Lot Survey – These types of surveys are usually for platted or recorded subdivisions within a city, or sometimes in rural areas. These surveys are based on maps or plats of a series of planned lots with designated sizes and shapes, which were created by an engineer, or surveyor, and then recorded. A lot survey is a retracement of where these Lots were intended to be located.


Land Subdivision Surveys – These surveys usually make large parcels of land into smaller parcels of land. These types of surveys are required to be recorded at the County Seat.


Topographic (Topo) Surveys – These types of surveys are a representation of what kinds of physical features are on the actual ground. Contour lines, building locations, parking lots etc.. are products commonly seen on a map created from a topo survey. Many times, boundary surveys are recommended as a means of locating the topo area.


Clearing Limits for Timber Clearing – This service is for locating and marking one line, as opposed to marking a whole boundary of a parcel. These are mainly for customers who wish to clear or harvest timber to the bounds of a certain property line.


Land Area Calculations – This type of survey is for calculating the area of fields or of timber for general planning operations, such application of herbicide, fertilizing, liming, etc.


Consulting / Subcontracting Services – These services are offered in conjunction with other Survey Firms, who may need to access additional services or additional staff to assist in completing large projects or tasks.