Q:  What do you charge for a survey?
A: It really depends on what kind of survey is needed, or required. The other factors determining cost are what available evidence of other surveys have been completed or verified in the nearby area, terrain of the area, difficulty of finding evidence, good record evidence, the time frame of completion of services, and what evidence is provided by the owners.

Q: Do I need a boundary survey?
A: If you are wanting to subdivide a parcel, combine a parcel with another, or define the bounds of the description on the deed, then yes.

Q: Can I record my survey?
A: Yes, any survey signed and sealed by a professional surveyor can be recorded and becomes public record.

Q: Can you write a legal description for me?
A: Yes, but it will most likely result in a boundary survey. A surveyor is responsible for knowing where the boundaries are of the description they prepare.

Q: Do I have to hire a Professional Surveyor?
A: Yes, if a boundary survey is to be completed, only Professional Surveyors can complete such surveys.

Q: Adverse Possession? My fence has been here for 20 years.
A: Consult an attorney or try to exercise diplomatic procedures with neighbors and find a way to resolve the problem outside of court.

Q: Where can I get a copy of my deed or other deeds?
A: Most of the time the Recorder of deeds in your County Courthouse is the best avenue, but County assessors can be helpful as well, however, never use tax maps to evaluate your property lines or parcel area. Some counties have GIS websites for quick references.